Here are IARC resources:

Fact Sheets – There are a number of information sheets regarding different visa types. IARC is in the process of revising some of these and will be adding to this list in the coming months. Immigration laws do change and are complex, and so we need to be regularly updating our information.  If the type of visa you are looking for is not included in the fact sheets, it might be because we are revising it.

Policy and Law Reform-IARC is actively involved in policy development and law reform with regards to Australia’s immigration system,  with a view to ensuring access and equity within Australia’s immigration processes and promoting a just and equitable migration system. you can read our submissions on our website.

Visa Cancellation Kit

IARC is a not for profit community legal centre. If you are accessing these free information sheets or the Visa Cancellation Kit and are in a position to make a donation to IARC to help cover the costs of producing these resources, we would be most grateful. IARC is increasingly reliant on the generous support of others. Any donation to IARC helps us to  assist vulnerable migrants, and also those who work with them. You can donate here